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Email marketing made with ease

Creating growth for your business has never been easier. Explore and discover the power of our user-friendly platform where you can maximize your revenue, increase your sales and maintain customer loyalty.

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Email marketing made with ease

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Newsletter editor for email marketing

Newsletter editor

It shouldn’t be complicated to create and design content for your email marketing. Thanks to our easy-to-use drag & drop editor, you can build your newsletters or pop-up forms through different types of content blocks in our editor.

In our Newsletter editor, you can insert texts, images, and videos without any previous knowledge of HTML. It is just as easy as that.

  • Interactive elements
  • Create and save your own custom templates
  • HTML blocks for advanced users

Personalized email marketing

Send dynamic content in your emails using different attributes based on the information you collect from your customers. Make every customer feel special by sending personalized emails and standing out from the crowd in your customers’ inboxes.

Personalized email marketing

Get a Newsletter fits how we work with newsletters. They meet our need to send newsletters to a large number of subscribers, at a reasonable price.

Email marketing features

Measuring and following up on data allows you to quickly influence and lead your campaigns towards desired results.

Track the traffic from the campaigns to your website with Google Analytics.


Email deliverability

With Get a Newsletter as your email marketing platform, you can be sure that your mailings will arrive to your subscribers and not be considered as spam.

Analyzing your statistics from your email campaigns will help you see how well your campaigns are performing and what needs to be improved.

Stop guessing and make better decisions with the help of data.

Email marketing reporting

Built-in responsive design

Create newsletters that look great no matter what devices your readers might use to view them.

Email marketing vs. social media

Email marketing and social media shares the similarity of increased brand awareness, increased conversions, and retention of customer loyalty.

With Email marketing, you can personalize your campaigns for each subscriber, which leads to increased conversion rates, improved customer loyalty, and drives traffic to your website with the help of call-to-actions.

Social media gives you greater reach with your messaging, increases brand awareness, and allows you to build customer relationships on a deeper level with two-way communication.

These two channels have their strengths and weaknesses and are the most effective if you have them working side by side.

Email marketing vs. social media

Email Newsletters

Family newsletter template
Newsletter template for baby shops
Newsletter template for tech shops

Email marketing - Frequently asked questions

An effective email that creates conversions is personal, engaging, and does target your audience. The most important content should come first on the top but simultaneously be short and informative. In today’s society, people are impatient, so you don’t want to lose readers’ interest by dragging out valuable information.

By all means, use a common thread in your mailings that go in line with your branding – recognition is a powerful tool that builds brand awareness.

Engagement is about the content being relevant, of interest, and valuable to the reader:

Relevance – The content is relevant to the reader’s industry, interests, and topics they care about.
Interest – The content is entertaining, educational, or pleasing to the reader.
Value – The reader finds the content of high value by either learning or finding the information useful.

By creating content that the readers want and expect, you are already halfway through the battle of delivering a powerful message. Rest is up to you to include relevant value to the reader and make it easy for them to convert.

A good open rate should be somewhere between 15-30%, however, it’s depending which industry your business operates in.

There is no golden rule of what a good open rate actually is, although it might be a good idea to find out the average opening rate for your specific industry and compare that statistic against your own.

The question you should be asking yourself is how consistent you can be with creating valuable content and maintaining doing that in every outreach you do, rather than how often you should send emails for the sake of it. Consistency is key.

Find a balance between whether your readers perceive you as spammy due to you reaching out too often and avoid being forgotten by your audience due to you reaching out too rarely.

If you can keep up with consistent and valuable content in your email marketing once a week, once every other week, or once per month, stick with it. Your readers will let you know if they appreciate it or not.

Get a Newsletter provides a free plan that includes up to 100 contacts and 500 emails per month with the same features as the paid plan. 

See our pricing plans and find the perfect solution for you.

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