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Powerful email marketing features
to grow your business

Get a Newsletter gives you everything you need to create beautiful newsletters and campaigns to achieve the growth you are striving for in your business.

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Create email newsletters to maximize your revenue, increase your sales and maintain customer loyalty.

Create responsive and beautiful signup forms and start communicating with your visitors within a few minutes.

Create conversion-focused campaigns to increase your revenue and email contact lists with popup forms.

Email marketing features

Newsletter editor

The newsletter editor gives you complete control over the design, allowing you to focus on what’s more important in your newsletters – writing engaging content for your readers.


Make informed decisions using collected data when creating your email campaigns. Understand your customers and their behaviors for you to fully optimize your strategy and increase revenue.

Analytics & reporting

The reporting tool allows you to analyze data, track key metrics and measure engagement. With your collected data, you can make better decisions and get a better impact from your email campaigns.


Personalize each email and create a more relevant and custom experience for each customer. Personalizing your communication contributes to an increase in engagement and trust with your customers.


Explore templates for newsletters and popup forms for your marketing. Choose a template that appeals to you, customize the design to your branding, and launch your campaigns in no time.
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