Email marketing reporting made simple

Use our reporting tool to analyze data, track KPIs, and measure engagement from your mailings so you can constantly improve your campaigns and make better business decisions.

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Email marketing reporting gives you insights

Better insights, better results

In our dashboard, you can see your daily results from your campaigns and gain insights into what’s working well for you and what’s not working out.

View new and lost subscribers to understand how performance is trending over time and analyze your bounces to be sure your email list is efficient, up-to-date, and isn’t low quality.

With your collected data, you can make better decisions and thus get better results from your email marketing.

Simple reports

Each email campaign has a report that includes opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes, among other things.

Furthermore, you get detailed information for each subscriber, your most active subscribers, and which links most people click on in your sendings.

Email newsletters

Get started quickly with templates designed with one thing in mind – to effectively growing your business.
Family newsletter template
Modern newsletter template
Yoga newsletter template

Filled with
lots of possibilities

Get to know your subscribers

Monitor the engagement of your subscribers to find out how well they respond to your email campaigns.

Your data is safe and secure

Collect and save all of your data in one single place on our secure platform.

Visual overview of your results

In our dashboard, you have access to a visual view of your results that you can easily export and share.

Complement Get a Newsletter with Google Analytics

Combine with Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you information about how many users have visited your site through your email campaigns and how long they stayed on your site after reading your sending.

Google Analytics also collects real-time data for you and always are up-to-date. You can view your performance at any time and be sure you see accurate numbers, whether you’re looking at monthly or daily statistics.

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