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Get a Newsletter allows you to easily create email newsletters, landing pages, surveys, and much more to launch marketing campaigns and grow your business.

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Email marketing made with ease

More than just email marketing

When you collect email addresses to send newsletters, you get a channel where you set the terms and have more control over when and who sees your message – regardless of what happens with other platforms.

Along with landing pages, surveys, and forms, you can more easily communicate at every stage of the customer journey and reach out with your branding in your way.

Attract visitors


Collect more email addresses with landing pages and forms to reach more subscribers.

Capture attention


Reach out to potential and existing customers with compelling content they can’t resist.

Increase revenue


Use landing pages and email newsletters to generate more leads, sign-ups, and increase sales.

Build customer loyalty


Send email newsletters to build long-term customer relationships and retain customer loyalty.

Marketing features with great power

All features share the same purpose to create great communication that increases revenue for your business. Whichever feature you use, you can create, refine and reuse the content you make.

Create email newsletters that delivers results
Get your message across

Create email newsletters that delivers results

With email newsletters, you can easily create personalized customer experiences and reach out to your different audiences with customized content to increase sales and maintain customer loyalty.
Drive traffic to your campaigns

Create landing pages that convert visitors

Without prior knowledge, you or your team can create high-converting landing pages with professional design and attract more customers to reach your specific marketing goals more easily.
Get more subscribers with signup forms
Collect more subscribers

Create signup forms and grow your email list

You can easily embed forms on your website or use them in your email newsletters or landing pages. You can also send them through a link for you to share in your digital channels.
Collect customer feedback

Create surveys and gain insights about customers

You can create surveys for all kinds of audiences, whether it’s customers, employees, or market-related questions, and gain insights into what customers think about you and your products or services.

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We help businesses to

To reach out in a simple, clean, and professional way

Regardless of who you are and what channels you use to promote your brand, Get a Newsletter allows you to create an exceptional customer experience to get more people to subscribe to your email newsletter, provide information to your customers and get more people to buy what you sell.

Small businesses

Boost your business's visibility

Whether you have limited resources and time or don’t know where to start, Get a Newsletter helps you grow your business more smartly and cost-effectively.
  • Save time and money by sending email newsletters and easily communicate with your subscribers and customers.

  • Get your business online with landing pages to inform customers about your business and start increasing sales.

  • Start to collect new subscribers using signup forms and grow your email list even further.

  • Create surveys and gain insights from customers on what to improve to help you grow your business.
Digital marketers

Make the most of your marketing

If you’re part of the marketing team in your company or manage your clients’ marketing in an agency, you’ll find many creative solutions at Get a Newsletter to increase revenue.
  • Manage all email marketing and newsletters for your company or customers in one platform.

  • Create and drive conversion with landing pages to achieve cost-effective results and increase revenue.

  • Help your company or customers increase their email list with signup forms and pop-ups.

  • Conduct surveys and get the answers you seek for your company or on behalf of your customers.
Make the most of your email marketing

Promote your products

Get started designing and launching marketing campaigns for your e-commerce business in no time, without any coding. Choose the tools that suit you and watch your sales increase.
  • Send email newsletters with exclusive offers and discounts to your potential and existing customers.

  • Create landing pages and drive visitors to your product pages to increase sales and customer lifetime value.

  • Watch your email list grow fast with signup forms and popups and reach a wider audience.

  • Find out what your customers think about you and your products with surveys.
Promote your products with email marketing
Authorities & organizations

Communicate with your audience

With Get a Newsletter, you can easily communicate with employees, businesses, and citizens and be sure users’ privacy is under the protection of GDPR.
  • Create and send email newsletters to different audiences and be sure your emails arrive at the right time.

  • Without prior knowledge, you can create high-converting landing pages and communicate with your audience.

  • Start collecting more subscribers with signup forms and extend the reach of your emails.

  • Create surveys, collect responses from different audiences, and be sure your collected data is in safe hands.
GDPR-kompatibla nyhetsbrev och enkäter för myndigheter och organisationer.

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Get a Newsletter fits our way of working with email newsletters and meets our requirement to be able to send to a high amount of subscribers for a reasonable price.

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Sales have increased significantly, doubling in some weeks. We see this during the quieter weeks as well, but after the email newsletter is sent out, sales quickly return to normal.

Choose from over 30+ high-converting templates

Anyone on your team can start a campaign and quickly make changes to create email newsletters, landing pages, surveys, and pop-ups that fit your brand.

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Email marketing

Reach out to your target audiences and make each customer feel chosen with personalized content.

Landing pages

Start driving traffic to your product and information pages to generate more leads, signups and increase your sales.


Collect feedback from your customers and gain insights to make better business decisions in the future.

Signup forms

Create signup forms and start collecting subscribers to your email list within just a few minutes.

Popup forms

Choose to display the popups on your entire website or on selected pages to capture visitors’ attention.

Get a Newsletter

Powerful features to grow your business

With us, you’ll find all the tools you’ll ever need to make your email campaigns and newsletters successful and achieve the business growth you’re striving for.

Say hello to your new email marketing tool


Continue to scale up your business no matter your current business size and increase your revenue.

Easy to use

No matter your previous experience, you can get started quickly to create and send email newsletters.

GDPR Compliant

Your data is in safe hands with us and stored on our servers located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Learn at your own pace and terms

Learn how to work more efficiently and achieve better results with email marketing, landing pages, surveys, and much more.

Find out what email marketing is, how it works, and what steps you need to take to get the best results.
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Find out what a landing page is and how it can help you increase revenue for your business.
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Surveys allow you to gather information and make the right decisions to move your business in the right direction.
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