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Case Studies

See how our customers use Get a Newsletter successfully in their email marketing to grow their business.

Non-profit organization

Learn how Ung Cancer effectively uses Get a Newsletter to send newsletters to different target audiences.


Learn how Hammarströms Fisk significantly increases sales by sending newsletters with Get a Newsletter.

Craft brewery

Learn how Majornas Bryggeri uses newsletters to maintain their relationship with the customers.

Join 65 000+ users trusting Get a newsletter as their email marketing tool

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Customer reviews

“I have always admired products, scientific as well as others, who managed to live up to Einstein’s motto “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Get a Newsletter has managed that and I’m full of admiration. Easy to use yet contains all the features you could wish for.”

– Peter Hedström, Metrika Consulting

“The best thing about you is that you are constantly developing the tool, which makes it simple to create newsletters, and you don’t have any “anxiety” regarding creating newsletters. You are done in 5 minutes and can instead use the time to develop the company.”

Roger Börjesson, Kagans Buss

“I have for several years been using the GAN for our newsletters , and I’am still astonished by the simplicity of creating a newsletter with the various templates. As an operator in a fierce competition for the gear and mobile, customers speed and safety is important. We use it to our end customers, resellers and internally.”

Magnus Borgh, Weblink.se

“We were at first reluctant against Get a Newsletter, due to the low price in comparison with other services. In the retrospect we absolutely selected right! The mailing tool has at all times worked 100% error-free and the number of newsletters that being classified as spam has dramatically decreased. Best of recommendations from us +++++. “

Fredrik Hillman, Itsajten.se

“We’ve for over 7 years used GAN to send out our newsletter and we’re very satisfied! Easy to use and never any problems. Without a doubt our most affordable marketing channel.”

Tobias Norén, Knivbutik.se

“GAN works well for us and the price is reasonable. You’ll get a very functional program for the payment that you make. GAN is easy to use whether you’re working with individual products, texts or banner material. It’s also directly in the admin easy to follow the statistics of the newsletter that you have sent.”

Per, Teknikproffset.se

“We’ve used Get a newsletter service since 2010 and are very pleased with the features of the tool, and how it has been developed over the years.You can quick and easy create a message in the tool and the reports provide a good insight regarding the results of the newsletter. The few times we have encountered problems it have been resolved quickly with the help of the nice support group.”

Daniel Stensiö, Rabatterat.se

“Get a Newsletters support is really, really good! They respond immediately and goes all the way to sort out any issues or concerns that a user may have. They’ll go the extra mile and in exchange gets loyal and satisfied customers. I’m definitely one of them! “

Linda Linnskog Rudh, Faber Flags AB

“Get a Newsletters design gives you the possibility to communicate with the visitors on your website. We at Partystation have a service to deliver news to our listeners and advertisers. Get a Newsletter is a very pleasant service with a comprehensive system that is easy to understand.”

Mikael Malmkvist, Partystation

“I started around four years ago sending newsletters through my online store. It’s only now through your service that I can see statistics and that is really interesting.”

Kajsa Broberg, Freshmilk

“Good and clear service. Efficient and simple API that can quickly be integrated. Reasonable price.”

Tobias Karlsson, Grillbutiken

“Your service is really great!”

Sandra Axell, Pronto Communication AB