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Hammarströms Fisk

“Sales have increased substantially, some weeks doubling. We also see this in the weeks that have been quieter, but after the newsletter has been sent out we quickly see sales go up.
Hammarströms Fisk

Like many other businesses, Hammarströms Fisk wanted to increase sales and build a lasting relationship with its customers. They followed their gut feeling early on and chose to focus on customer communication. Hammarströms Fisk did this by consistently sending out newsletters to their customers. 

The results were skyrocketing and were increasing sales at a steady rate. And the engagement from customers is almost too good to be true.

Great results from their newsletters

Hammarströms Fisk turns 100 this year. Pernilla Gillberg and Ulrika Högberg have been running the business together for 15 years. Over the years, they have developed the store from a fish shop to a supermarket with a wider range of products. During these years, customer communication has always played a central role. For almost 11 years, they have used Get a Newsletter’s service to send out weekly newsletters to their subscribers.

Sales have increased substantially, some weeks doubling. We also see this in the weeks that have been quieter, but after the newsletter has been sent out we quickly see sales go up.

Hammarströms Fisk

What is the secret to their success?

When discussing email marketing strategies, Pernilla says they don’t have a “strategy”, instead, she goes by pure gut feeling and intuition. She stresses the importance of being personal and having continuity. Deciding on days to send out the newsletter and taking the time to get to know your customer base makes the writing process easier.

At the same time, she says that it is her gut feeling that guides how she plans the content she produces. That in itself is a strategy they unconsciously implement, and it increases sales.

When we've neglected to send out the newsletter for a week, customers email us and ask why. Or if we happen to email the letter a little later than we usually do. We can see that the newsletter is very much appreciated by our customers.

The reports after the newsletters have been sent show that the open rate is usually high, close to 40-45%. Customers often respond in a return email after the mailing. Sales have increased at a steady and consistent rate since its inception.

Pernilla would like to emphasize that the ease of use and support have been crucial in them continuing with Get a Newsletter. She likes the range of available templates, and when she is having a hard time, it’s the support she turns to for help.

To think that even a person like me has managed to master your tool. After all, I have no formal training in communications or marketing either. Your tool is easy to learn, flexible and simple to get your message across. And you have first-class support.

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Tips från Hammarströms Fisk

Tips for you who also want to succeed with your newsletters

Hammarströms Fisk often links to their social media in the newsletter, and they also work on referring customers to the website from social media. On the website, they are using signup forms to bring in more subscribers. In the store, you can also sign up for the newsletter. As of now, they have 5637 active subscribers.

Pernilla says that new subscribers come in regularly. She thinks it’s showing that she’s doing a good job producing the newsletter. One tip that Pernilla would like to share is to focus on what you write in the subject line. The subject line is the first thing readers look at and the thing that determines whether they open the letter or not.

Pernilla’s top three tips for getting started and creating newsletters are:

  • Listen to your gut!
  • Don’t be too serious when writing, have fun with it. Light-hearted texts always work better.
  • Come up with something clever to write in the subject line that will make subscribers more curious.