Turn visitors into customers with landing pages

Attract more customers with high-converting landing pages that you can customize and optimize to meet your needs and specific marketing goals.

Turn visitors into customers with landing pages

Utilize powerful features to enhance your communication

You are no longer dependent on different tools to create landing pages and to continue communicating with those who have entered through a landing page. With subscription forms and email newsletters, the contacts will automatically get imported into the tool so you can continue communicating where the landing page ends.

Enhance your communication with landing pages and email newsletters
Get visitors to do what you want

Landing pages lead to more conversions

A landing page is a standalone web page used in marketing and marketing campaigns where the goal is to convince the visitor to take a specific action.

Landing pages help you keep visitors focused on what you want them to do, making it one of the most effective marketing tools to drive traffic where you want it to go and get more conversions.

Landing pages lead to more conversions
Landing pages creates growth for your business
Transform visitors into customers

Create growth
for your business

Whether you want to drive traffic to your product pages, generate leads, or get more subscribers to your email newsletter, landing pages are a great tool to effectively lead visitors toward your desired conversion action, drive sales and support your marketing goals.

Find inspiration

Create powerful landing pages that focus on attracting more subscribers to your email newsletter. You can easily communicate to visitors what they can expect from your email and what value it brings them – for example, news about new products or exclusive discounts.
Create landing pages

Get more subscribers

Get started designing beautiful landing pages that convert visitors into subscribers and extend the reach of your email newsletters to grow your business further.

Use the template to collect more subscribers to your email list and reach more people with your email newsletters.

Create landing pages to get more subscribers

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Filled with
lots of possibilities

Unlimited publishing

Create as many landing pages as you want and don’t worry about any limitations on how many you can create.

Rapid page load speeds

Rapid page loading speeds of your landing pages will help you get more conversions, customers, and sales.

Unlimited traffic

There are no limits to the number of visitors your landing pages can receive or the number of leads you can generate.

Dedicated support

With fast average response times, your questions and concerns will be answered by the same day, Monday to Friday.

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The simplicity of creating stunning landing pages

With the easy-to-use drag & drop editor, you no longer need web developers or coding skills to create and design the landing pages for your campaigns.

You or your team can create beautiful, professionally designed landing pages without prior knowledge and be sure they look great on all devices.

You save time and unnecessary costs and can customize your communication when and how you want.

The simplicity of creating stunning landing pages with Get a Newsletter

Drag & drop feature

No matter your previous experience, you can create landing pages in no time with the drag & drop feature.

No coding

With pre-made content blocks, you can build your landing pages however you want, without any coding.

Pre-made templates

Use ready-made templates for inspiration or as a starting point when building your own landing pages.

More than landing pages with Get a Newsletter
Get a Newsletter

More than landing pages

With us, you have access to more than just landing pages. You can create email newsletters, surveys, forms, or a combination of your liking, to effectively launch profitable campaigns and reach your marketing goals.


Get started quickly with landing page templates designed with one thing in mind – to effectively growing your business.

Frequently asked questions

A landing page is a stand-alone web page usually created for various marketing purposes and specific marketing campaigns. With Get a Newsletter, your landing pages are entirely independent of your regular website.

It is a landing page that a visitor lands on after clicking through it via various digital channels, such as email, advertising, and social media.

Landing pages, unlike regular web pages, only have one task and one goal in mind – to be compelling enough for your visitors to perform a desired action (call-to-action).

As landing pages focus purely on getting visitors to do what you want them to do, it’s one of the best tools to increase conversion rates in your marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of different landing pages and various ways to use them, depending on what you want to achieve.

Here is a few examples of use:

1. Sales – If you want to sell your products and services or offer deals and discounts, you can use landing pages to showcase what you offer and how a visitor can take advantage of it.

2. Leads – You can use landing pages to collect email addresses and contact details. Perfect for those selling services, bookings, and consultations.

3. Information pages – If you are a business or individual and want to share all your digital channels in one place, a landing page is a good option for this purpose.

4. Sign-ups – You can use a landing page to inform visitors how to sign up for your service or event and what they can expect from it, as well as gather the sign-ups on the same page.

Landing pages are an excellent tool for most digital marketing campaigns and when you want to share information. In each scenario below, you’ll see that they focus on a single goal, which is crucial for getting visitors to do what you want them to do.

Here are a couple of scenarios where landing pages are a good choice:

  • Gentech wants to run advertising with Google Ads, targeting a landing page showcasing their products, services, and the benefits they offer.
  • Food Smart wants to create a landing page with a targeted offer to those who subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Casper is opening a new store within 30 days and wants to build hype digitally ahead of the launch.
  • The influencer Olivia has seven different social platforms and wants to gather them in one place where she can offer a link to each one of them.
  • Yoga Gym will be holding an upcoming event and needs to be able to inform and collect sign-ups for those who want to attend the event.
  • Sports Performance wants to see the interest of past and existing customers in a new product before launching it into the market.

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Landning pages

Attract more customers with high-converting landing pages that you can customize and optimize to meet your needs and marketing goals.