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Engage your customers with SMS marketing

With SMS marketing, you can reach your target audience where they are most receptive. Engage your customers, build lasting customer relationships and increase sales with SMS campaigns.

Your marketing channels in one single platform

Get a Newsletter gives you access to SMS and email marketing so you can reach your customers on their preferred channels and build a relationship with them at different stages of the customer journey.

Get immediate results

Reach your customers rapidly with SMS

SMS marketing allows you to reach your target audience where they are most receptive – through their phones.

With an open rate of over 98% and the ability to deliver targeted, personalized campaigns, you can be sure your messages reach your customers to drive results and generate growth.

SMS marketing for businesses

Grow your business with SMS marketing

SMS marketing allows you as a business to easily communicate with your customers, nurture relationships, and increase sales.

For example, you can send targeted promotions, exclusive offers, product launches, and much more to keep your customers updated on what you and your business have to offer.

Quick and easy setup

Send SMS campaigns
in just a few minutes

Creating and sending SMS is so easy, you’ll regret not starting sooner. From one single page, you can create, edit, and launch your SMS campaigns.

With every SMS campaign you send out, you’ll get a report to track how your campaign is performing.

Find inspiration

You can customize your SMS messages with relevant content for your target audience to create interest and engagement and boost sales in all kinds of industries. 

Holiday campaigns

Reach out and engage your customers during the holidays

With SMS marketing, you can be sure you can reach your customers during holidays and theme days to boost sales, even when competition is at its peak.

Companies trusting us

Filled with
lots of possibilities

High deliverability

With an average open rate of 98%, you can be sure that your SMS will reach all of your recipients. 

SMS Reports

Reports allow you to analyze data, track KPIs, and measure engagement from your SMS messages.

Custom sender name

Customize the sender name to your brand and, make your SMS stand out, and increase open and click rates.

Control over your costs

While creating your SMS campaigns, you get a real-time report summarizing your campaign costs.

Get a Newsletter

More than SMS marketing

With us, you find a wide range of features to create and develop customer relationships through email newsletters, SMS, surveys, landing pages, forms, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

SMS marketing involves sending marketing messages through text messages and is a common form of marketing used by businesses to send promotions to their customers.

As with email marketing, SMS marketing is permission-based, meaning businesses can only send messages to those who have given consent to receive them.

With SMS marketing, businesses can keep their customers updated by sharing news about exclusive offers, new products, reminders, and much more.

The advantage of having email and SMS on the same platform is that you have more control over your contacts and marketing efforts. With Get a Newsletter you can segment email and SMS campaigns in one place.

SMS costs vary depending on the country in which the recipient of the message is located. Log in to your Get a Newsletter account to see current SMS prices.

Get a Newsletter SMS is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland and we are adding new countries on an ongoing basis. Contact us to request the countries you want added.

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SMS marketing

Use SMS marketing to reach and engage your customers, build lasting relationships, and increase sales.