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Gain valuable insights with our survey tool

Gather feedback from your customers with our user-friendly survey tool to help you make better and more profitable decisions for your business in the future.

Gain valuable insights with Get a Newsletters survey tool

Create and send surveys in one single platform

You are no longer dependent on different tools to create and send out surveys. Alongside surveys, you can create as many email newsletters as you want on the same platform.

Make better decisions

Create surveys and get the answers you looking for

With Get a Newsletter, you can easily create surveys for all different target audiences, whether it’s for customers, participants, or employees.

You can customize each survey question to suit your needs to effectively communicate with the audience in the best way possible to get more engaging responses.

The answers you collect will help you make better business decisions in the future and minimize the waste of your resources.

Collect customer feedback

Find out what your customers really think

By creating surveys for your target audiences, you can gather information and know better what your customers think about your brand and its products or services.

The feedback you collect from customers and users will tell you whether you are doing it right or wrong and why.

Using the information you gather will help you make better business decisions and make customers even more satisfied, ultimately leading to more growth for your business.

Find inspiration

Not sure how long your customers have been with you or how they feel about the quality and pricing of your products or services? With Get a Newsletter, you can create surveys to measure customer satisfaction and gain insights on improving the customer experience.
Measure customer satisfaction

Improve customer experience

Collect information on how satisfied your customers are with your company’s products, services, or experiences and gain insights on improving your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Use the customer satisfaction template and start your journey towards a better customer experience.

Companies trusting us

Filled with
lots of possibilities

Pre-made Survey templates

Get going with pre-made survey templates suitable for all different needs and start collecting responses.

Data privacy & security

Your data is in safe hands with us, both for you and your respondents, and is stored on our servers in Stockholm, Sweden.

Customize for your brand

You can customize the surveys to represent your branding by adding your logo, fonts, and colors.

Dedicated support

With fast average response times, your questions and concerns will be answered by the same day, Monday to Friday.

Get a Newsletter

Prior knowledge is not necessary to gather insights

Whether you have a small or large business, you can use surveys to gain valuable insights into your business and find out what to do to become more successful.

Without prior knowledge, you can easily create professional-looking surveys and send them to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Drag & drop feature

With the drag & drop feature, you can create surveys in a short time regardless of previous experience.

No coding

With pre-made content blocks, you can create your surveys however you want, without any coding.

Pre-made templates

Start sending surveys with pre-made templates or as a source of inspiration when writing your survey questions.

Powerful features to grow your business
Get a Newsletter

More than surveys

With us, you find a wide range of features to create and develop customer relationships through email newsletters, SMS, surveys, landing pages, forms, and much more.


Get started quickly with survey templates and start collecting responses and gaining insights on how to improve your business.
Survey template for customer satisfaction
Survey template for product evaluations
Survey template for service evaluations

Frequently asked questions

The most effective surveys are short, concise, and have questions in a logical order. They contain a good balance of brief answers and multiple-choice questions that give the respondent specific information.

It is crucial that your questions are easy to understand and that you do not ask two different things in the same question. You don’t want to confuse your respondents; it won’t do you or them any good.

In addition, most questions should be optional and closed-ended. They should also be neutrally worded to avoid respondents being affected by your question and thus give you a response that does not correspond to reality.

There is no exact answer as each type of survey may look different depending on your situation and what you want to find out. As a general rule, your survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and the shorter it is, the more likely your respondents are to answer all the questions.

Typically, a survey contains between five and ten questions. If you have engaging or free-response questions, it may be a good idea to ask fewer questions.

If you have short and straightforward alternative questions, such as yes and no questions, you can have more questions in your survey as they are not as demanding on your respondents.

The fact that respondents can answer your survey anonymously means they don’t have to feel embarrassed or afraid of being mistreated because of their survey response.

The results will also no longer be affected by social desirability as respondents don’t have to consider being judged by their surroundings anymore.

By giving your respondents the option to answer anonymously, they will be more comfortable answering honestly, your response rates will increase, and you will receive more detailed feedback.

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Gather feedback from your customers to help you make better and more profitable decisions for your business in the future.