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“Get a Newsletter fits our way of working with newsletters and meets our requirement to be able to send to a large subscriber base for a reasonable price.
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Ung Cancer works to improve conditions for people between 16 and 30 who are affected by cancer in some way. By creating meeting places, and providing personal support, rehabilitation, information, and debate, they work to ensure that no young adult living with or close to cancer feels alone. 

Get a Newsletter spoke to Ingrid Lord, editor and press officer at Ung Cancer. Among other things, she talks about how newsletters make it easier for her and Ung Cancer to tailor information to different audiences.

Ung Cancer uses email marketing and newsletters to reach out with specific information to members, people who support the organization in various ways, and people who have shopped in their online shop. They also use newsletters as a method of disseminating information about their activities. This information is based on how the newsletters are segmented and how a person has come into contact with Ung Cancer

– It is easy to customize information with newsletters. You can’t personalize the information in the same way on social media, so it’s a good complement. You can also reach people who are not using social media,” says Ingrid.

When Ung Cancer compared different newsletter tools, Get a Newsletter was chosen.

– Get a Newsletter fits our way of working with newsletters and meets our requirement to be able to send to a large subscriber base for a reasonable price, she says.

“It's important to show gratitude and not just think about sales”

Instead of sending general newsletters to the entire list of subscribers, Ung Cancer chooses to send newsletters to different groups of recipients. This way, the content is more tailored and personalized to the individual recipient.

Those who shop at the Ung Cancer webshop and have opted to receive newsletters will receive newsletters with news from the webshop, while members will receive a more informative letter. It is also necessary for Ung Cancer that all people who support Ung Cancer in various ways are informed about how their contribution is being used.

– Newsletters are an important channel to reach out to different people. To people who support the activities in different ways, I think it is important to show gratitude and what difference the person makes. It’s about adding value to the person in question, giving and taking,” says Ingrid.

“Everyone working at Ung Cancer can contribute with thoughts and ideas for content”

Before each newsletter, Ung Cancer looks at which pages have received the most clicks on the website to get a picture of what visitors like to read about. Ingrid also says that everyone at Ung Cancer contributes thoughts and ideas about what content feels necessary to include.

The statistics in the report section of Get a Newsletter help Ung Cancer to measure their results, along with determining the timing of their mailing. Looking at when the open rates have been highest on previous newsletters gives a good indication of when they should send their upcoming newsletter.

Using Get a Newsletter to reach different target audiences

Ung Cancer uses its channels to collect subscribers and build an email list of loyal subscribers. When someone visits the website, makes a purchase, wants to support the cause, or applies to become a member, the newsletter is always promoted.

– We send newsletters at least once a month to the various target audiences. However, this can vary depending on resources, what information we want to get out or what events are coming up shortly,” says Ingrid.

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3 tips to get started with newsletters

“1. Think about the gap of information that the newsletters need to fill. Don’t say the same thing on multiple channels to the same people.

2. Make sure the newsletter matches your branding – it creates recognition in the recipient.

3. Make many lists and let the recipients control the content.”

– Ingrid Lord from Ung Cancer