Increase engagement with email personalization

Personalize each email and create a more relevant and interesting experience for each customer. Personalizing your communication contributes to an increase in engagement and trust with your customers.

Increase engagement with email personalization

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Personalize by the help of attributes

Use attributes for personalization

Today, customers expect to receive personalized emails. Personalization creates a feeling with your readers and makes them feel special by showing that you care about them.

With Get a Newsletter, you can use attributes to personalize your emails. You can personalize your content such as names, cities, and discount codes, among other things – your imagination is what puts an end to what you can do. 

Be creative with your email personalization and try out what works best for you.

Schedule your mailings to different email contact lists

Personalize what time of the day your should send your emails to best suit your customers or subscribers.

Do you have customers in different time zones?
No problem. Segment your email contact lists by time zone and schedule your dispatches according to the best delivery time for each segmentation group.

Personalize your mailings by scheduling

Email newsletters

Get started quickly with templates designed with one thing in mind – to effectively growing your business.
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Modern newsletter template
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Personalization increases revenue

Email personalization increases revenue

A personalized experience contributes to increased conversions, more satisfied customers, and improves customer loyalty.

If a customer had a great experience with your brand and felt appreciated, this person will likely become a recurring customer and speak well of your brand in their surroundings.

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