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Our newsletter editor gives you complete control over the design, allowing you to focus on what’s more important in your email newsletters – writing engaging content.

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User-friendly newsletter editor

User-friendly newsletter editor

With Get a Newsletter as your newsletter and email marketing platform, you can be up and running within a few minutes for you to place your focus on more important matters.

You can quickly change the fonts, colors, sizes, and positions of all the content blocks for the design to suit you and your brand. All you need to do is drag and drop the content blocks and watch your newsletter fall into place.

The changes you make get saved automatically, which makes it possible for you to continue with your design at another time.

Easy-to-use content blocks

Design your newsletter and its content in sections for clear and easy-to-understand communication for your readers.

Select any of the fundamental content blocks and start placing texts, images, and videos for you to get started with your content writing and messaging.

Create clear call-to-actions by using buttons to drive traffic to your landing pages or other call-to-actions of your choice.

Instead of visually designing your newsletter, you can use the HTML content block to code yourself and gain further control over your design in the newsletter editor.

Newsletter editor with easy-to-use content blocks

Email Newsletters

Get started quickly with templates designed with one thing in mind – to effectively growing your business.
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Save custom templates

Design and save your unique newsletter designs in your template library for quick use in the future.

Social share

Share your email newsletters on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for a higher reach of your sendings.

Customize for your brand

You can customize the email newsletters to represent your branding by adding your logo, fonts, and colors.

Responsive design

Create email newsletters that look great no matter what devices your readers might use to view them.

Flexible delivery options with Get a Newsletter newsletter editor

Flexible delivery options

Our platform gives you a few options regarding how and when you want to send out your newsletters. You find all delivery options in one single place.

  • Send a test email – get your mail test by sending it to yourself and a couple of friends.
  • Send now – send the mail immediately to multiple lists.
  • Send later – send the mail at a specific time to multiple lists.
  • Send autoresponder – send out the mail based on when the subscriber signs up.

Content with a personal touch

Use dynamic content in your newsletters by using attributes to send a more personalized experience to your customers.

The attributes allow you to customize texts based on collected customer information, such as names and email addresses.

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