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Optimize your email campaigns by using data

Make informed decisions using collected data when creating your email campaigns. Understand your customers and their behaviors for you to fully optimize your strategy, achieve higher open rates, and improve your conversion rates.

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Email campaign tracking

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Get a Newsletter email marketing reporting tool

Email campaign tracking

Get a Newsletter collects data shown to you in reports for each email campaign. In our dashboard, you will see a general overview of your campaign’s performance and a more in-depth section with valuable information.

See how many emails your recipients have opened, unopened, or bounced once your data comes in. You also get information about your recipients’ engagement with open and click rates, link clicks, and unsubscribes.

Optimize future campaigns

Follow up on your collected data to analyze and further optimize your campaigns. Compare your campaigns and see how they stack up against each other in terms of results. This way, you will get a better understanding of what your customers respond well to and what might be lacking.

Don’t make random guesses about what might be working the next time you set up a campaign. Make changes and adjustments based on information collected through data and see improvement follow accordingly.

Complement Get a Newsletter with Google Analytics

Complement with Google Analytics tracking

With Google Analytics you can track your email activities and see how many visitors come to your site through your campaigns.

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